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Oh, the deliciousness at Gourdough’s Restaurant.

Who would have ever thought that a guilty pleasure can completely fill your appetite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Oh, and don’t forget dessert!

When I first moved here to Austin, I heard so much about this place. I heard about all the outrageous types of doughnuts that they make and I was very much thrown off by it. Coming from California, I got to try some interesting doughnuts, but never as a meal. I heard about how big each entree was and how it was like a heart attack in a meal.  Being a chef and a foodie, I was both intrigued and disgusted at the same time.

2015-08-01 12.28.09

I have always believed that everything that sounds outrageous and crazy can always be done well — but it is very hard to be done well.  The chefs and creators of these crazy dishes at Gourdough’s have truly succeeded the craze of the doughnut and it’s many personas. Upon arriving at Gourdough’s, parking was a tad difficult to find because it was a packed house.  Walking to the door, I noticed two separate outdoor seating, but the one that is nearest to the main entrance wasn’t being used and I don’t believe it is used often either.  It looks really awesome and has a fun set up that is kind of away from all the noise.  Stepping inside, there are tables, both low and high, kind of scattered around the bar.  The place isn’t huge, but it is very inviting.  At first, it seemed a bit crowded, but I also believe it is because people didn’t want to sit outside.


In about three minutes, a host approached us and I asked to sit outside.  Outside, on the patio, it is pretty quaint.  It is a fenced area and there are picnic tables! I love the idea of picnic tables.  Anyways, moving forward. Haha.  When I walked outside, I instantly loved how it is shaded with trees! There is a trailer of the first Gourdough’s food truck that was used.  There are some fun games set around and a huge doughnut figure that you can take pictures with! What?! Awesome, right? I always love a good chance for a photo opt. Haha.


The menu is filled with great choices! there are items of many sorts that would please any palette.  I went ahead and ordered off their brunch menu. (: I started with a carafe of regular mimosa (which is great) and ordered the Diablo. It consisted of jalapeño sausage, fried egg, jalapeño cheese, and jalapeño hollandaise. To me, I didn’t find it spicy at all, but very flavorful! Each bite was definitely a different experience every time.  The item was huge. All was made perfect.  The egg was cooked to a perfect over easy (trust me, it’s not always easily done).  My friends also ordered some wonderful entrees.

2015-08-01 12.32.39

One ordered The Gourdough because he felt it was necessary to try the self named dish.  I found that to be rightfully correct. (:  The Gourdough consisted of two doughnuts with maple sage sausage, a fried egg, and jalapeño cheese wedged in the middle and paired with house-made potato chips.  Now, if that doesn’t sell you on trying it, I am sure the photo would make you drool. The sage sausage wasn’t overwhelming or too powerful.  You could taste every aspect of the dish when everything was paired together.  I thought that the melding of the flavors was very well accomplished.


My other friend ordered an entree from their regular menu.  She ordered the Country Clucker.  If you love chicken and waffles and creamed corn — seriously, just order this and life will be complete. The combination of a crispy friend chicken breast (not dry either), a potato cake (so abundant of flavor!), warm cream corn (LOVE), and candied jalapeño (just.. yes) is a miraculous thing.
2015-08-01 12.32.49

Their dessert doughnuts are really good. They are surely big enough for two people to split. So just keep that in mind y’all!


Honestly, how can anyone go wrong with a doughnut and a bunch of tasteful condiments that are added to it.  The price is very decent and very affordable.  For their brunch menu, everything is in the range of $7 to $9! It’s awesome.  Great food that won’t break the bank is definitely right up my alley. (; Also, if you guys like to sleep in on weekends, you can because their brunch is served until 5pm! It’s awesome.

Overall, it is definitely a place that is hyped up to it’s name. And the hype is definitely worth the opportunity to taste the awesome creativity that has been establish with their dishes. Linked below will be their menus for y’all to take a look at to drool over and then convince yourself that you have to make a trip. I promise you, they won’t disappoint you. It is definitely worth a trip!

Daily Menu

Brunch Menu


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