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Ice Cream and Cookie Heaven.

Okay people… Coming from California, CREAM and the Baked Bear were some of my favorite places to go get delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches.  Upon moving to Austin, I had cravings for my sweet indulgences from back home. My partner, Cara, had found this place on Yelp (I believe), and we decided we needed to make a ‘late’ night trip.  BEST DECISION EVER. Haha.

2015-08-28 22.16.56

So a little background to start… Moojo is located in college area, so it’s on 2322 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705. They are open from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. (I know.. it’s pretty awesome..). This company was started by a loving couple who have always wanted to open up an ice cream sandwich shop. (: They opened a little over a year ago, and they are definitely a huge hit in the food scene here in Austin!

2015-08-28 22.11.59

Moving forward. (: Cara and I drove here not knowing what our chances would be with getting parking.  And girl, parking was a pain, but eventually we found something and took a quick stroll to the shop.  Along the little stroll, we found one of the murals that are known in Austin (took a picture, of course) and we finally got to our destination.  The shop is small and quaint.  It was definitely a busy Friday night. (:

2015-08-28 22.26.072015-08-28 22.20.272015-08-28 22.20.21IMG_2248

On entering the shop, you will quickly notice the way the tables are set up… I mean… if you were a little kid in a candy shop and you saw tree house style swing chairs… Life is great. (: Haha. The line that evening was long, but it went by quickly.  You can smell the sweet aromas of the cookies being baked and the sugary waffle cones.  There is a huge selection of ice creams to choose from as well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 13.37.192015-08-28 22.19.57

You have two sizes to choose from.. Sidekick or Superhero <– HOW CUTE ARE THOSE NAMES? Haha. The sizes are a big difference, but if you want a nice snack — something to settle your cravings, the sidekick is definitely a great size.  You get a decent amount of ice cream wit it as well. (: Just a big hint… You can totally pick two types of cookies (:

2015-08-28 22.24.012015-08-28 22.23.55IMG_3029

When we reached the end of the counter (which is the start of the ordering process) we got to pick out our cookie flavors.  (: Cara picked white chocolate macadamia and I picked white chocolate macadamia and snickerdoodle.  We both got different ice creams .. Cara got coffee chip and I got salted caramel. (: Now, seriously… these ice creams are on point.  The flavors were exactly what you expect them to be. They had an array of toppings that they had let us know they make from scratch and you can also choose to get some pints of milk to eat with your yummy desserts.

IMG_22402015-08-28 22.22.15

The decor around the shop were super adorable.  Everything meshed together to develop the concept of their shop. Our cashier was super sweet and she moved everyone along quickly!

 2015-08-28 22.25.57

Overall, this is totally a spot to check out.  They have an amazing concept and they keep well to make sure to stick to their concept.  They provide fresh cookies and great service. It is always so full of people that it’s nice to see that they don’t get frustrated with the indecisiveness that goes on.. because trust me.. we were also not sure of what we wanted until we ordered. Haha.

The trip was also turned into a little exploration of that area of Austin as well. (: So get ready to park your car on the streets and start walking around! It’s going to be great. (:

IMG_2241      2015-08-28 22.29.16


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