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Scarlet Rabbit

If anyone has ever seen the movie Alice in Wonderland, you will definitely appreciate this place’s decor and their tenacity to recreate a whimsical atmosphere for other’s to enjoy. I find that it’s always fun to go eat at a place and find that your discussions consist of their food and your surroundings .. this is if you are looking to just go out and simply enjoy an evening (or day) at a restaurant.. something new and something definitely different.

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Cara and I had decided to go here on a whim because we had no longer wanted to go out and spend an evening on Rainy Street.  Cara explained to me that I would love it because of how it looks at night… PLUS… that evening, it was so nice and breezy (for Texas) and it reminded us of California.  So, having a pleasant evening eating dinner and sitting outside sounded amazing.


The location of this restaurant is kind of hard to find… You kind of need to hear about it, Yelp it, or just happen to stumble upon it.  So just remember to GPS yourself if you are not familiar with the area. (:


Anyhow, upon arriving, parking was abundant.  The host was standing at a podium outside of the restaurant. There is seating inside and outside.  We opted to sit outside because of the nice weather and it was so awesome looking outside.  I was absolutely excited about the decor and how whimsical it looked. There were lights strung from the tress and different decor hanging about (like window frames, panels, orbs, etc.) and there was a mini stage.  What I enjoyed a lot was how they had a community table.  I love the idea of having picnic style tables because it allows for the ability to not be confined to just those around you and opens up a lot more conversation.  Another aspect that I found unique (could bother others) was that there was a mister.  I totally understand the mister here in Texas due to the crazy temperatures (girl.. it’s no joke). Lol.


When we sat, we immediately ordered our drinks.  We started with the Queen of Hearts (which is a delicious martini with strawberry essence).  After, we ordered our appetizer, which is titled ‘Start Your Journey’.  We started with the bacon shrimp bites.  Now when they came out, i was shocked at the size of the shrimps.  They were paired with a tiger sauce, pecans, brandied cranberries, and delicious red chile croutons.  Okay, so seriously, the shrimps were all perfectly cooked and the bacon was just crispy enough and soaked up the tiger sauce well.  The croutons were a great addition to the plate, along with the pecans.  The nice crunch and bite gave the dish a very well rounded aspect and a great start to our meal.

2015-08-29 20.58.21IMG_0496

We ordered some awesome entrees under ‘Serious Plates’. I had ordered the Chicken and Waffles and Cara ordered the Blacken Drum.  Although the plating isn’t anything fancy, you knew that this was truly comfort food and was cooked from the heart.  The plates were cute because they mixed and matched random plates (like Alice in Wonderland!). (:

The Chicken and Waffles were much better than expected.  They used spices that made the chicken taste really well seasoned and the waffles, well you know.. I love me a good waffle. (: The greens were okay, I didn’t find them amazing, but palatable.  The Blacken Drum was so good.  Cara even said that it tastes better than last time.  I even found it tasty.  I am not the biggest fan of fish, but this dish wasn’t fishy tasting at all.  I think that it’s always good to know that they use fresher fish and cook it well.

2015-08-29 21.14.30IMG_2267

We got dessert and got carrot cake.  Honestly, it wasn’t to die for.. it was good, it really reminded us of a spiced cake or a hummingbird cake.  There was a lot of icing, but overall it was decent.

2015-08-29 21.34.38

Our meal as a whole was good. (: We found that we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the decor.  The food is decent and fairly priced.  It is a great little nook and you should definitely try it if you get a chance. (: It never hurts to get some awesome drinks!

2015-08-29 20.52.05IMG_2262


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