UT Eats

Arturo’s Underground Cafe

arturos_2_There’s  a little gem in the middle of the UT on the corner of Guadalupe and 17th that collectively encompasses the Austin ritual of Sunday Brunch. Only open until two in the afternoon this establishment carefully prepares your breakfast favorites full of color and flavor.


From the street you will miss it unless it is busy during the morning. We arrived closer to 1PM as the Sunday brunch crowd began to filter out, stomachs full and moving slow. There is limited outside seating and no waiting area to sit down inside. Instead if there is a wait you’ll line up outside and wait for the next table to be seated. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long and were seated inside after about a 10 minute wait.


Once inside you’ll step down to what is truly an underground cafe. You’ll feel immediately transformed into an Austin native once you’ve seen this place. As you sit down you will feel as if you have entered into a top secret club that you should have been invited to but a restaurant with a small door, a line to enter, and tables underground can have that effect on you.


The art here on the walls is whimsical, dark, and complex. You’ll find yourself starring into paintings trying to understand the artists motive behind the art rather than look at the menu but you’ll soon start smelling your neighbors food and crack open your witty written menu.


From the menu to the staff this place is what makes Austin great and unique to any other city. The staff doesn’t have to cover up their tattoos or their piercings and they are free to express their individuality without conforming the corporate restaurant chain dress standards. With that freedom comes better service and I can say our service was outstanding!


Our waitress helped us decide to get the carafe of mimosa that easily gave us two servings each rather than each order our own. They also have a great assortment of fresh iced tea of multiple flavors. We each ordered our own eggs benedict which were are all perfectly named for this hip Austin restaurant.


Featured here are the Austin Benedict, Western Melt, and Chorizo Benedict, each packed with flavor and the perfect amount of spice. Out of all the restaurants I have ordered eggs benedict this place is the only one that truly does it right!

arturos_9_.pngThe best part about this place is it still operates like a diner. There’s no need to do a math equation at the end of the meal. Simply take your receipt to the front and electronically pay for your meal and conveniently add a tip.

arturos_10.pngThis place really does capture the essence of Austin. Southern comfort foods mixed with authenticity and hospitality. You’ll feel like a hipster here but you’ll be treated just like a good friend coming for breakfast in a secret hideout only you are cool enough to know about.


Don’t forget to take your time around the are and take some snap shots of some great murals around the UT area. You’ll most likely pay for parking so use the time and go explore!



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