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Cold Cookie Company

Cold Cookie Company is out of this world amazing! It is one of our favorite dessert spots in town! Here are some Food of The 512 Quick Tips before you go:

  • This food truck is set amongst various other food trucks in the UT area of town on the corner of Rio Grande and 26th Street
  • Parking is tough near this location because you are in college central and there are tow signs everywhere. Don’t let that discourage you though, if your timing is right you may luck out and find a parking spot right up front near the food trucks. They have about 3-4 parking spots for the food truck area and the rest is first come first serve street parking
  • When you go to order your treat you choose a base (meaning if you want ice cream and a cookie, a shake, or an ice cream sandwich) then you choose your ice cream flavor (they change their flavors but keep the basic flavors, our favorite is the birthday cake ice cream-it’s purple!) then you choose your toppings and a drizzle if you’re feeling crazy 🙂
  • They will take your name and call you when your order is ready.
  • This food truck does accept cash and credit cards
  • Picnic tables are available to enjoy your ice cream
  • Bring some water with you, their ice cream and cookies are rich but they do not sell water to wash it down.

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