Hey Y’all,

We’ve been all over the world and experienced our fair share of cities, but none of them have captured our hearts like Austin has. There’s a calm and a rush of excitement you feel all at the same time when you’ve reached that point at I35 just right before Airport Blvd and you can see the city skyline in the distance. From that point the Frost Bank Tower stands out as if it were the North Star in the night sky pointing you in the right direction back home.

Austin is unlike any other city you’ll ever visit or live. It’s the perfect political eco system of a right winged economy and a liberal society. The unemployment rate here is low, local businesses thrive, and there’s a sense of strong community and acceptance. Austin’s slogan is to keep Austin weird but it’s only weird to those who have grown up with the ideal that being your authentic self is unacceptable. When you come here you can be whoever you want to be. You don’t have to suppress your creativity, your choice in fashion, your political or religious values, your fetishes, or your choice in music. Austin accepts you for who you are and it doesn’t try to change you, you’ll let it change you.

We don’t think anyone leaves Austin the same way they came. You’re exposed to so many cultures, so much music, people, and food how could possibly leave without feeling enriched in some way or another. It’s a place of absolute euphoria where anything is possible and each moment you spend partying down on the dirty six, drinking Deep Eddy Vodka on Rainey, eating from food trucks on 1st street, paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, soaking up some sun at Barton Springs Pool, or watching the bats fly out from under the South Congress bridge is a moment you’ll want to encapsulate and keep forever.

The most important piece to understanding the character of any city however is food. Food captures the essence of a city’s culture, its history, and its personality. Here in Austin you can find pretty much anything your heart desires whether its damn good barbeque, donuts on steroids deep fried in powdered sugar, colossal burgers, exquisite sushi, organic smoothies, or authentic tex mex. Exploring the food here is all a part of the Austin experience.

That is why we have started this blog to help those new and native to Austin find the best places to eat that will cultivate your passion for food, culture, and life. Follow us on our journey as we eat through the city one bite at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We hope that you enjoy our photos, tips and tricks that will help you navigate through the many restaurants and food trucks that Austin has to offer. Please message us at foodofthe512@yahoo.com for any recommendations for places you would like for us to try. And don’t forget keep Austin weird y’all.


Cara and Carol


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